Hey Guys, I am here to discus something about ” How to Write a Notice” in a perfect way. By which I can help you to write a notice in a good way by doing no Mistake. Through which Mistakes gets low and improvement is high and you can score good marks in your examination. So, Here we start our topic on Notice. There is a very simple way to write a notice which I discussed with you below….

To make a notice we have to firstly draw a box. Inside that box we should have to write an notice. No words should  be outside that  box. Your notice should be clean and with a good handwriting. But make shower that your artile is in 100-150 words no more than that because it a rule or a task for a candidate that you should have to complete your notice in that much amount.


1- Occassion on which you are writing notice.
2- Date on which the event held on.
3- Time when it is conducted.
4- If this is a school notice writen by head boy/girl or by principle/teacher of school to all the students then  they should mention the dress code.

 Timming of that event should be give but with proper precautions. In this precaution means that event will over late also from the given time.


School name
Destination of school
Date at this side
All the student are informed that________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Your truly

After all writing  this  notice is ready. But in center you have to write all that body which is mentioned  at starting of this article.
You can write note  on any occasion held in any school, In any collage, or In any of the business ,for the purpose of business meeting. Which show that you are following all the necessary rule to give information about any occasion .

To display this article and to write this notice you have to get permission from your admin and after that in the last. You should have to mention that , at what possition you have to  write a notice and for whom you are writing.  This all things you have to follow for no trouble.

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